Tea Elle C Garden Cafe'​

​   ​​​                   Appetizers

A Great Spot for Tea and Company

Crab Dip

A delicious creamy bake of cheeses, crab meat and spices served with fresh toasted French bread 

Tomato Mozzarella Caprese

Fresh mozzarella cheese, ripe tomato, homemade basil pesto sauce, balsamic glaze and olive oil. 

Soup of the day

Varies daily. Available in a sourdough bread bowl upon request add $3.00 



Fresh tomatoes, dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese over field greens. Served with walnut raspberry vinaigrette. 


Chicken breast, crispy bacon, hardboiled egg, gorgonzola cheese, fresh avocado and tomato over spring mix. Served with premium chunky bleu cheese dressing.

From the Grill

(Served with your choice of seasoned hash, mixed greens or fresh fruit) 

Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini

Chicken breast, crispy bacon, cheddar jack cheese, tomato, ranch on a crispy ciabatta bread. 

Chicken Caesar Wrap

Seasoned chicken breast, crispy romaine lettuce, premium shaved parmesan cheese and lemon Caesar dressing in a toasted white tortilla. 

Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Spicy buffalo chicken, chunky bleu cheese dressing, crispy lettuce, tomato in a warm white tortilla. 

Chicken Chesapeake Panini

Charbroiled chicken breast topped with homemade crab dip, melted cheddar jack cheese and toasted on panini press.