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The Vakulovska family is honored to provide our community with a great spot for tea and company.  The Dutch were the first to provide restaurant service of tea.  Tavern owners would serve a full portable tea set; they even provided a heating unit.  Dutchmen would take their tea outside to the tavern gardens thus they were called Tea Gardens.  Later Dutchmen brought the first tea to America.  Then, tea arrived in England and Tea Gardens flourished.  Private ground owners provided tea service to ladies and gentlemen.  For the first time women and men were allowed to socialize freely without social criticism.  Tea Gardens also cut lines of high society and class.  Everyone enjoyed the Tea Gardens no matter what line of class or gender they were.  We welcome all to visit and enjoy the Tea Gardens in Santa Clarita.


"My wife made a tea drinker out of me by introducing me to the Tea Gardens. I never knew that so many fantastic teas existed, and the food is equally amazing! The quiet and peaceful atmosphere makes it an all around wonderful experience!"

- Randy Vincent

​"What a unique dining experience! The Tea Gardens is delightful, both in atmosphere and meal presentation. The food was delicious -- from the pots of freshly brewed teas, to the fresh fruit, to the finger sandwiches, to the scones and pastries. It brought back fond memories of tea parties I had as a child. I will definitely tell my friends about this place."

​- B. Mutaw

A Great Spot for Tea and Company

Guest Favorites

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Tea Elle C Garden Cafe'​

Eggs Benedict:  Two eggs on an English muffin with Canadian bacon, topped with our hollandaise sauce and hash browns.  This dish won't disappoint.


Salmon Roll: Herbed cream cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and avocado rolled in a spinach tortilla with artichoke pesto and smoked salmon on top.  Just the right wrap for lunch.


Meme’s Salad:  Our homemade whole grain mustard dressing, spring mix, tomato, grilled chicken, cucumber, cheddar cheese, and pita chips.  Our Meme's dressing is a palate hit.